Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ami James, Willie G Davidson photo

Here are a few pictures from Rich Phillips Cycles at the limpnickie lot. I threw in a picture of Willie G Davidson and Ami James, checking out the new tattoo seats from Rich Phillips. The Limpnickie Lot Daytona 09 was quite the event. There was paint ball, chopper films like Free To Wander, car demolition, and skaters in the skate park.
There was an abundance of custom bikes, from choppers to period restorations, to look at, from Limpnickie lot builders, and many more from individuals that rolled on to the lot. Many of these bikes were entered in what was in my opinion the best bike show In Daytona. The bikes were arranged like an art gallery in the middle of the Stone Edge skate park, which made this motorcyle show quite unique.

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