Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free To Wander Release Party Chicago

know you love bikes and love seeing bikes.I would like to invite you to come and see bikers on film. I know you love going to a great biker party's.
so you need to come to the New Free To Wander Chopper Documentary release party at the Cobra Lounge 235 N. Ashland Ave, on Saturday starting at 8:00, 4/18/09.
Free To Wander Documentary is produced by 4130 Studios and the release party is being hosted by Rich Phillips Cycles.There will burlesque dancers along with the Free To Wander chopper film. This is a film about the modern biker life style. The DVD will be available for sale along with Tee shirts.This is going to be a wild party. Guys are coming from all over US and Canada.See you there: FTW
DVDs are now available for $20.00 and now shipping out! attached several invitations so you can have a choice of pictures if you would like to add this post to you blog and such. Thanks. Rich at FTW

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