Sunday, February 21, 2010

bicycle belt drive-True freedom

IMG_4678, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

I finished building my single speed belt drive mountain bike. I decided to build up my own rather than by one made, cause I new I could do it cheaper. A typical belt drive frame runs about 1300.00 bucks. So, I bought a frame splitter and welded it into an Ebay frame on my own, full Chromoly steel of course. The belt drive works amazingly on this 29er, cant wait to ride it on the dirt. Bicycles is where it all started out for me and it is always where my heart will be as far as two wheeled vehicles are concerned. I'm a bicyclist first and a motorcyclist second. there is nothing like getting back to basics on a simple machine like this one. No extra gears to get all tangled up, no motor and bs wiring to fail. No harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. To me this is like being 12 years old again. It will go wherever my own two legs can take me. True Freedom.


Helge said...

Nice Rich! Where'd you get the drivetrain? I've been wanting to do this on my commuter to save from the wear and tear of salt and water.

Rich Phillips Cycles said...

Hey Helge, How are you? It is a Gates Carbon drive.I bought it directly from the manufacture at

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