Thursday, June 24, 2010

handmade custom Titanium 29er

This is the bike that I guilt here in my home out of titanium. I used paragon sliding drop outs, and built it just for the way I ride. it has a really nice shock absorbing quality to the frame and handles everything really well. I finished it just a day before I left for the west, to ride. It had just barely cooled off from welding when I got out there. It is shown here on the amazing trails of Sedona Arizona. I rode deep into the trails there and a blast. I would say that riding in that area is an almost spiritual feeling and it is something that I have dreamt about doing since childhood. Very few experiences live up to the expectations that you have for them. riding here was one that exceeded them. Even though I was getting tired during some of the rides the exitment that I felt kept me from realizing it. I rode three rides out there alone, but I feel like it was something amazing I don't know if it would have been better with a companion.

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