Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my lugged 29er

I finished building the frame today. This is the frame responsible for slicing my finger open. I did it whilst machining the polished stainless head tube. I started out on this frame with some straight gauge 4130 tubing. I proceeded to bend and shape the tubing to my will, I then notched and finessed the tubing to fit to one another without even alowing so much as a hair through. after all of my tubing was fabbed and fitted I then started boring and machining all of the stainless ends to be welded to one another. after all of the tubing was ready I tig'd them together and then silver brazed the 4130 to the stainless sleeves. when the frame was finally together I sanded, filed, and polished the lugs for what seemed like a lifetime. I then powder coated it purple today. I have an amazing brooks saddle and chris king hubs paired to wooden rims and white industries gear to put on it. the forks and bars were also hand fabbed and will be back from being nickeled later this week. I will post more pice when it is done.
bottom bracket
bottom bracket 2
drop out.
front bike
full frame
bottlom bracket bottom
top tube
head tube

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