Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hardtail bag on a Sucker Punch Sally

sucker punch bike
sucker punch rich phillips
hardtail rigid bag
hardtail bag
The picture at the top of this post is what the bike looked like when it came to me on monday . This is what it looks like now. I made a new seat pan that fills out this frame perfectly just a little wider than the seat that was on it. This new seat is 11" by 13.5 or so. The bag Is a brand new design for hardtail frames but I think it will fit on a softail frame as well. Instead of using your typical leather straps to hold the bag on, I used .5" wide high tensile strength zip ties over the leather straps and the bag is so solidly mounted to the bike that the tubing seems like it would rip off before the connections would. the leather on the bag is about 3/16ths of an inch thick, and I think it could also double as a sheild for a magnificent viking going into battle atop a glorious steed of flame . the continous shape of the flap of the bag to the front outer panel of the bag will also prevent sagging as well. I have seen many of my buddies struggling with typically designed bags just to have them eventually tear open from sagging all the way to the road. These things could easily outlast many of us. It is totally overbuilt and ready for the road. It will initially be available in black and brown, But I can do custom colors on them just like I did on this one. It will include 8 half inch wide high tensile strength zip ties in case you need to remove the bag or if you mount it wrong the first time. It will only cost you $259.00.
American made out of american 9 to 10 oz. leather.
stainless steel or brass hardware.

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