Monday, November 15, 2010

Krazy Kevin, Forever missed

Krazy Kevin
The first night I met Kevin He had nothing but fantastic and amazing stories and pictures of, and about these insane bikes with woven oil tanks and lore of all these founding fathers of the chopper movement. He had all of these beautiful images taken in the sixties and seventies and he filled my mind with the thoughts of how things must have been at that time. After our evening hanging out at the shop we headed over to a bar and upon walking in some huge russians about twice the size of Kevin asked if we were filming a biker movie. Kevin replied in such a dry and matter of fact manner that we were actually there to film them together in a gay porno, I was giggling instantly, and I thought uh oh here we go, but the russians just looked at him kinda cross for a minute and just went about their way. Hanging out that night with Kevin, Wes, Keino, Ali, John And Jeffro at the most broke down dirty stripper bar in Brooklyn where the girls dance behind the bar was one of the most fun and memorable nights of my life. I'd like to say thanks to the New York guys for giving me the opportunity of meeting Kevin and I am very sorry for his family and all your losses

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