Tuesday, August 30, 2011

68 Triumph, By Tony Stone, Part 1

This is a video I did of my friend Tony Stone with his 68 Triumph Chopper. I filmed it with Canon 5d Mark II. The music also features Tony singing lead vocals in his band the spark thugs. Tony's methods as well as his other talents make him very interesting to film. He is a multi talented guy that is always looking to create and learn new things. The bike featured in this video was made with very basic tools. The dishes created in the tank were done with a nylon mallet. He performed this task so well that no filler was needed under the paint job that he applied himself. He was in the process of painting the rear fender when this video was shot. the parts on the bike were picked from a multitude of places, The seat was made by me and was ressurected to go back on this little girdered chopper. Stay tuned for the follow up to this video when you will get to see it rolling

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flip062 said...

Sweet chopper, when will part II be out? Let's hear it, get that thing rollin'!

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