Saturday, September 24, 2011

My 62 pan.

IMG_6665, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

For years I have been trying to get a pan but never found one that was in quite the shape that I wanted or they wanted more than I was willing to spend. But then along came Luke Landers, a local guy here in the Gateway city. He asked me If I wanted to swap my twin cam for the beauty and at first I was hesitant because I owned the twin cam for so long it felt kind of like part of my famiy but after seeing this thing I decided it was time to let her go. After Luke and I came to an agreement we swapped em out. We have also become really good friends. So as it turns out I didn't only get a pan out of the deal. the frame is a stock wishbone and the forks are repop knuckle frontend. the motor has been freshly rebuilt and the rest of the bike is in a crate that will soon be put back together and on the road.

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machineman said...

Great find. It has a good foundation.

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