Monday, June 18, 2012

Recently started making shoes

, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

I have always been very intiristed in any and all styles of leather work. Recently my wife's uncle who is a shoe maker and repair specialist made his own shoes. He schooled me on how to make my own and let me buy some soles from him start this new endeavor. I have become quite obsessed with it and can't hardly pull myself away from doing it. I have made around five pairs so far and I have only kept one pair for myself. It is so amazing to see them come together and there is so many ways to do it. Different soles and techniques. This type of learning is my passion and what keeps me doing this type of work. If you are wanting a custom made pair youth inquire within. The most basic ones I can make for you would start at 299.00

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machineman said...

What the hell, are you eating some kind of leather fairy dust. I don't believe there is any one out there with the range you have in leather work.

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