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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bare Knukcle Choppers at the Limpnickie Lot Daytona 09

These are posters made form pictures taken at the Limpnickie lot Daytona 09.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Billy Lane's Flathead

These are more pictures taken and the Limpknickie Lot Daytona 09.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Motorcycle Trailer

James took this on the way home from Daytona.

Rich Phillips New Gas Tank Paint


Spent the weekend painting a gas new tank for my twincam.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rich Phillips Cycles and Leather at Sturgis Limpnickie lot 08

Sturgis at the Limpnickie Lot was a blast. There was so much to do. The Wall of Death was as expected one of the highlights of the lot. They are great guys. There were partys every night at the Broken Spoke. The new pool at the Broken Spoke is a real crowning touch at the spoke.
We did have some high winds that took out several of the vendors tents. When we got back from on of the several bike runs the Luck Charms guys tent was just gone, and was later found in a crumpled heap.
One of the biggest highlights was the Michael Lichter’s Motorcycle-As-Art Exhibit, “Stay Gold,”in the Thunderdome. The exhibit focused on garage builders and artists who maybe haven't seen much or any of the limelight but still produce breathtakingly detailed work in the same spirit as the late Johnny Chop.The Michael Licter "Stay Gold show" and dinner was interrupted by a storm and tornado warning. Once the storm passed we retuned to enjoing a wonderful dinner and show at the Thunder dome.

Ami James, Willie G Davidson photo


Here are a few pictures from Rich Phillips Cycles at the limpnickie lot. I threw in a picture of Willie G Davidson and Ami James, checking out the new tattoo seats from Rich Phillips. The Limpnickie Lot Daytona 09 was quite the event. There was paint ball, chopper films like Free To Wander, car demolition, and skaters in the skate park.
There was an abundance of custom bikes, from choppers to period restorations, to look at, from Limpnickie lot builders, and many more from individuals that rolled on to the lot. Many of these bikes were entered in what was in my opinion the best bike show In Daytona. The bikes were arranged like an art gallery in the middle of the Stone Edge skate park, which made this motorcyle show quite unique.

45ci 42 WLA build Flathead


This is one of the latest builds buy Rich Phillips.
It is HARLEY DAVIDSON 45ci flathead. This bike was purchased from a friend that wanted it to go to someone that would rebuild it into something even cooler, because we all know that a 42 flathead is just cool in almost any condition.

After it was purchased with just a little work it ran well enough for Josh Kurpius to ride it the entire El Diablo run.

This bike was invited to be in the 08 Michael Lichter Stay Gold exibit in Sturgis last summer.

Here are some pictures of Cheaters Proof. This bike is offered for sale for price contact Rich at 314-392-7841.

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