Friday, October 30, 2009

nose of the spot seat

_MG_4545, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

deatali shot


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couple more for ya

seat with spots

_MG_4540, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

This seat is surrounded in nickel plated spots. Kinda has a western look to it. it is available in the store for a limited time for 269.00.

2010 Nightster Sportster Iron Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit

This is a brand new Bolt On Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit for the 2010 FI Sportsters, Nightsters and Irons!This kit was designed and manufactured by Rich Phillips. And is currently only available through our stores (Rich Phillips and Motheroadcustms). Now 2010 Sportster owners can mount a spring solo seat to there bikes without modifications!This kit is is completely bolt on, and all the parts are included for a spring solo seat mounting, except the seat. Seats can be purchase in my listings and my store.The kit is easy to install.Some that have this kit installed have said that the seat is comfortable because of the extra cushion from the springs. With this kit there is no modifications, It is shaped steel and covered with black leather. This panel uses the screw that is already in the fender for mounting. The kit is sturdy professionally Powder coated steel.The kit also included coil springs and necessary mounting hardware, a steel chrome plated hinge with a stainless steel bolt and stainless steel acorn nut.It also includes stainless steel acorn nuts that are used to attach the box and the two rubber bumpers on the bottom of the frame cover. The rubber bumpers protect the frame.The kit has rubber welting to protect the wiring that passes through the hole under the seat. This kit will work with all my seats that have a 7" rear bolt spacing, that are in the 10" x 13" size. With this kit nothing is permanently changed so one can switch back to the original seat at any time. This kit and others can be found in my store available for sale under hardware. You can also reach me at 314-392-7841 to ask questions or to place an order.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

snub nose 003

snub nose 003, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

snub nose 017

snub nose 017, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

snub nose seat

snub nose 013, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

New Snub Nose seat

snub nose 009, originally uploaded by dadfatts.

This latest seat is 13" by 10". it is the same length and width as our standard spring solo. I decided to redesign the seat to give it a more aggressive look while still maintaining the same versatilitiy. this seat is available for 195.00.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Seat I did for Deborah Nunaley And Sean Brennan

I did this for my freind Sean In Chicago for an iron head that he is building for his wife Deborah. Cant wait to see it. thanks for letting me do the seat. It is a hibiscus flower with a honey bee on it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wallet For Wes Lang In Brooklyn NY

Wallet features hand tooled top grain US cowhide outer shell with purple suede lining. It is 100% percent made by me and is designed to last a lifetime. Custom wallets of this calibur sell for around 350.00, if you are interisted give me a call at 314 392 7841.

Wallet I did for Eugene Marino in Chicago

Wallet features 100% Us Top Grain Cowhide With Red suede lining. You Can get a similar one too for a limited time only for 195.00
Prices will increase shortly.

newest belt. SOLD!

Newest belt available for 95.00
All One peice of top grain cowhide. not that laminated shit you find elsewhere.
Spots are 3/8 brass
give me a call at 314 392 7841
will fit 33" to 36" waist. 1 and 3/4 width
If your ready to step up from your Standard plastic Wal Mart trash bag ties

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Rich Phillips Hand Tooled Indian Wallet

Wallet measures 9" by 8"
Wallet is available for 325.00 Give me a call at 314 392 7841 or drop me an Email at

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