Friday, August 31, 2012

Me on the way up the Imogene pass

DSC_0307, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

This is me with my Husqvarna te449 on the way up the mountain

Emily at the top of Imogene pass

DSC_0317, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

My wife and Mom and Dad went along on this ride as well. They rode their own four wheel drive vehicles up with me. It was pretty cold up here at the top and getting ready to rain

Me at the top of the Imogene pass

DSC_0321, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

The Imogene pass is the second highest mountain pass in Colorado. This picture here was taken at 12400 feet or so. the town of Telluride Co is way down in the valley behind me. This pass starts in Ouray Co and ends there in Telluride.

Hermosa creek trail ride near Durango CO.

NMS_0273, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

This trail is open to mountain bikers as well as dirt bikers. I have ridden it on both. I rode it on my dirt bike this time and started at the bottom. It is mostly tight single track with lots of drop offs and tight switch backs. At one point my rear wheel slipped off the trail and could not get back on for about two hours. my wife was waiting at the top for me and knew something was wrong. I struggled to get the bike back on the trail for most of the time, and then decided to start walking up to the top of the trail. it was going to be a 10 mile trek to meet back up with my wife. after i walked for about a mile or two I ran into a couple that were mountain biking going the opposite direction. they helped me get my bike back on the trail and I was so grateful because I was completely out of water with no cell phone reception and the thought of walking ten miles in motocross boots was about the worst thing I could think of. I got blisters just walking for two miles. I got back to my wife fairly late but all was well, except for some altitude sickness and dehydration. It is really amazing how quickly things can go south when you are by yourself in the deep mountain woods. In other words, don't go by yourself bring a partner

me racing start

me racing start, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

Earlier this year I started Racing Hare scrambles. I think it has to be one of the most exciting things I have ever done. Once I tried it I was hooked. This is my third race at the start near Herman MO. I got fifth in this race and got around the trail twice for the first time. I raced for 18 miles. it was a complete blast.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When I first started my business...

CIMG0021, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

Wow, found this picture of me when I first started my business. Using an ancient sewing machine, that I no longer own. It's nice that I have been able to upgrade my machines. It's great to see where you started.

Friday, August 24, 2012

goat skin clutch

goat skin clutch, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

I made this out of cow, goat, and shark hide. it is 12" by 8.5" it is lined with cow hide. the outside is quilted. I hand made the tassles.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


BACK OF MACBOOK PRO CASE, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.



MACBOOK PRO BAG, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

r1200gsa seat

r1200gsa seat, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

I don't only do harley seats. This is a seat I did for a 2012 BMW R1200GSA. I lowered the foam drastically and added a gel pad and memory foam. I then covered it in black suede and carbon fiber vinyl. The suede gives a non-slip surface to plant your rear end on. A lot of off road rallye racers prefer the ride characteristics of suede. I myself use it on my own 2009 BMW R1200GSA. It is great for holding you in place. We would be more than happy to cover your seat as well. Give us a call and we can set you up at 314 392 7841. Or email at

posibbles raccoon tail purse

possibles bag-purse. the front purse is made of american buffalo hide. the rear is made of oil treated blonde and burgundy cowhide. the oil treatment makes them more water resistant. They start at 199.00 on The real raccoon tail is an extra $59.00. These purses are entirely crafted by me by hand and measure 9" wide by 8.5" tall and 1.5" deep. The thread is thick bonded nylon in natural color. These bags should withstand a lifetime of wear and then some.

death eagle

death eagle, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

front view

death eagle side

death eagle side, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

Seat I did today. Had the drawing from a year ago and went ahead and decided to get it done

Sunday, August 19, 2012


ELSE-Motorcycles_500, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

Customer's Bike with a Rich Phillips Leather Seat
Else Motorcycles Blog Spot: elsemotorcycles.blogspot.c om/?zx=be4372e88fa86db2

Custom Seats

Custom Seat and PPAD I did for a bike, client Van Orin Customs.
Color Mahogany
Top Grain Veg Tanned Leather

I definitely want to see a picture of the bike when it's done. Rich

Van Orin Customs is:
Redoing a buell sport bike with custom tank and fender/seat area. The bike colors are white pearl, metallic gray, gold metallic and cinder red metallic. The tank will be white pearl with red flames and gold pinstriping.

Rich Phillips Leather Purse & Briefcase

Lil' One and Big One!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Video I did for on the frame sportster seats

Show casing our new on the frame 2010 and up sportster seats.

An advertising video to show our new on the frame 2010 and up sportster seats

large tan wallet

large tan wallet, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

this wallet will hold any phone along with headphones change money cards receipts. and it looks incredibly cool sticking out of the top of a good pair of selvedge jeans.

black wallet natural stitching

these will hold all that you have

Herman Oak Leather wallets

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mexican Blanket Leather Motorcycle Seat

New Seat, the detail is great! It looks like a real mexican blanket but it's more durable since it's veg tanned leather.
It will be a few days before we add it to the site, but if you are interested right now you can contact us at or 314-392-7841.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hand Tooled Motorcycle Seat, Spring Solo

M120217-Adam-Karns-026, originally uploaded by Richard Grabbe.

Found a picture of a seat I did a while back for a customer. It's a tooled Cross Piston seat. Bike by Karns Kustoms

See the rest of the bike at

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